Our weekly selection for your consideration, below, includes  one we noticed because they quoted a piece from our Diane Vacca. Guess which one, and click on the links to find out! — Ed.

  • The Vatican might have a bit more revision work to do.   In the new updates to Vatican Law regarding abuse, writes Michelle Goldberg of the Daily Beast, the inclusion of female ordination as a parallel offense suggests that to Rome, the line separating women and pedophilia is slightly blurred. While Vatican officials insist that this is not the case, Goldberg asks two questions:  when will this distinction be made,  and furthermore how when will the Church question its own male supremacy?
  • At this point in time it is no secret that the job market is anything but a picnic.  While most of the pity falls on 20-somethings fresh out of college, Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast notes recent studies suggesting that it’s the boomer generation receiving the short end of the stick. With virtually everything becoming virtual, she notes, even new startups don’t translate into serious work for those 40 and over.
  • Meanwhile, hope comes from  Women in Hollywood, and the  where Melissa analyzes Guardian UKs  list of  top 100 people in media. Though only 18 women are featured on the list, she notes,  over half occupy the top 50. Needless to say, nearly all on the list are women who weren’t born yesterday, and the list includes some WVFC heroes, including Jane Lynch of GLEE.
  • Jinyu Kang is a  Korean citizen of China, living in New York. While many decide to immigrate to New York because it epitomizes the American Dream of self-made success, Ms. Magazine explains that Kang’s decision to move was prompted by a threat to her life: China has issued a warrant out for her arrest for the “crime” of aiding refugees. Hailing a recent decision in Kang’s favor by a federal court, overruling the often-shadowy Court of Immigration Appeals, Ms. explains how back-and-forth decisions, by competing entities, have until now prompted her to live with the fear that she will be forced back to China only to be tortured.
  • The Imagine Cup is an international competition featuring youths in technology and their solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. And, Microsoft News cheers,  seven all-female teams are in the mix. We can’t wait to see who wins!

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