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This week, among our nuggets from the blogosphere: a list of all the women up for Oscars this month, Eve Ensler on how menopause led to the Vagina Monologues, a new “Ravenous Nights” reading series, and a compelling Black History Month interview with Medgar Evers’ wife and daughter.

  • Something we’re printing out, for Oscar night a few weeks hence: Ms. magazine’s MsMusings’ valuable list of all the women nominated for Academy Awards in 2011. WVFC may be unhappy that women were locked out of the Best Director nominations, we can still root for Granik and Cholodenko for best screenplay awards, nominees for a passel of technical awards, and the best news of all: “Women rocked the short documentary category, with four of the five nominees directed by women: Poster Girl by Sara Nesson; Sun Come Up by Jennifer Redfearn; Strangers No More by Karen Goodman (with Kirk Simon); and The Warriors of Qiugang by Ruby Yang.” We’ll be watching and live-blogging again on February 27; now, we’ll have a more interesting night of it.
  • We hope you’ve been checking Our Bodies Our Blog on a regular basis — especially now, with their series of personal testimonies for the 40th anniversary of the book that started it all,  Our Bodies, Ourselves. This week, Beth Lipske’s “The Strength to Tell Stories” talks about her reinvention at age 40, after her husband’s death: “went on the road teaching teachers and kids to be storytellers and won a ‘released day,’ one day a week to work with teachers and students in the Brookline (MA.) Public Schools. I took a year’s leave of absence and went to England (on a grant) to teach English teachers and students to be storytellers. On my return from England, I worked with Arts in Progress, a Boston agency dedicated to bringing the arts to ‘impacted schools.”
  • Speaking of storytelling, this Friday Lori Perkins is launching an erotic reading series, “Ravenous Nights,” via Ravenous Romance. The first reading, which took place in New York City last Friday, included  Cecilia Tan, best-selling erotic author of the “Magic University” series; novelists KT Grant, Caridad Pinero and Debra Hyde; and well-known sex blogger Jefferson. Click on either of the links to get the update on the next one, which takes place in that cruellest month, April.
  • February 14 is not just Valentine’s Day, of course – since 2000, it’s also V-Day, the pioneering campaign against violence against women founded by Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler. But we didn’t know until we watched this Ensler speech (part of TED Talks), that Ensler’s groundbreaking play sprang directly from menopause — or, rather, conversations with other women about menopause and sex. Click the link and hear Ensler explain how “a discussion about menopause with her friends led to talking about all sorts of sexual acts onstage, waging a global campaign to end violence toward women and finding her own happiness.”
  • An speaking of voices that change lives, we were thrilled to see this segment from CBS’ The Talk featuring Myrlie Evers and Reena Denise Evers, in celebration of the memory of Myrlie’s husband and Reena’s father, slain civil rights organizer Medgar Evers.  The segment, at Women’s Philanthropy, begins with a newsreel-style recounting of Evers’ life; but stay tuned as the women talk about the impact on their family — especially Reena describing how Evers, a World War II veteran, would train his kids on how to find the safest place, even in Mississippi.

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