The Wednesday Five: Nothing But Good News

In this special Christmas week edition of The Wednesday Five, we are ONLY sharing good news headlines — stories that will make you smile for their warmth, humor, and generosity and their reminder of the beauty of the human spirit.



An Entire Town Secretly Learned Sign Language to Surprise their Deaf Neighbor


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Husband Shares Beautiful Love Letter to ‘Hero’ Wife on Facebook

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Bobby Wesson posted a love letter to his wife, a nurse, on Facebook and it went viral.  In his letter, he writes about his wife’s day, her dedication to her work and her family. In a part of the letter, Wesson pens:

She will kiss the baby, she will kiss me and she will leave to go take care of people that are having the worst day of their entire lives. Car wrecks, gunshot wounds, explosions, burns and breaks – professionals, poor, pastors, addicts and prostitutes—mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and families—it doesn’t matter who you are or what happened to you.

She will take care of you.

Read the full love letter at GOOD magazine.



Father Supports Daughter Who Wears a Hearing Aid With a Tattoo of the Same


“Alistair Campbell decided to support his six-year-old daughter, Charlotte, who had hearing problems. To support her and make her feel more comfortable with herself, he too got a hearing aid… In form of a tattoo! That’s one of the most heartwarming fatherly acts we’ve ever seen.”

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Shea Glover says she conducted an independent project, which evidently turned into a social experiment halfway through. She recorded the reactions of young people at the Chicago High School for the Arts when she told them they were beautiful. Watch how they light up.




Photo of An Elder Teaching A Young Man to Tie His Tie Goes Viral

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Standing in the Atlanta MARTA train station, an elderly woman noticed a well-dressed young man struggling to tie his tie. She asked her husband to step into action. A simple enough gesture, but the photo, shared on Facebook and Twitter, has since gone viral.

Read the full story at GOOD magazine.


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