Actor Jane Lynch gave the commencement address last week at Smith College — her alma mater and that of her wife, Dr. Lara Embry.

This week, blogs whispered celebrity skincare tips,  honored women vets as they told Congress some terrible truths, and howled at Jane Lynch’s advice to new Smith College grads.

  • Covering celebrities can have multiple benefits, writes Cindy Pearlman at Style Goes Strong. Working “as a celebrity columnist for the New York Times Syndicate and the Chicago Sun Times, I’ve spoken with Barbara [sic] Streisand, Cher, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, Alec Baldwin, Jane Fonda, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Jack Lemmon, Angelina Jolie, John Travolta, and Will Smith to name a few.” This has yielded something beyond bragging rights, Pearlman writes: She also gets real-time beauty tips. For example: “I know that only three things work in skincare: retinol (be careful, check with your derm first), peptides (amazing), and vitamin C. The rest of it, including that $400 cream from yak milk in France, is a rip,” or ” I know that wearing my glasses and actually seeing things at this age is better than being blind and (in my mind) cuter.” Click over for much more, including some delectable photos.
  • As Memorial Day approaches, we wanted to make sure to note Service Women’s Action Network’s recent “Truth and Justice Summit” in D.C. One woman who was there, Marine veteran Sarah Plummer, writes vividly of the day at her blog Semper Sarah, from the day she boarded the plane in Michigan to the long day on Capitol Hill. By the afternoon, “The weather had shifted since the morning, and our pack of swanlings were caught in the rain during our walk from Hotel to Hill, but did not let it deter us from taking a smiling group photo in front of the Capitol building right after which I finally got to meet the amazing Anu Bhagwati in person. [Bhagwati is co-founder and executive director of Service Women’s Action Network]. I introduced myself and she actually said she knew who I was!  I was shocked and honored when, after we embraced and I thanked her for the positive difference she has made and the tireless work she has accomplished, she thanked me. That really made my day to meet such a distinguished woman. I stood anchored to the wet grass for a moment, fully appreciating exactly where I was, before our crowd scattered into mini-groups, organized by state . . .” Click over for more details, including a reminder of the resources available to women who’ve suffered sexual trauma in the military.
  • Interior designer Tamara Mathews-Stephenson’s Nest from Tamara offers a double treat:  Tamara’s signature visual flair paired with a visit to Great Barrington, “into the world of Annie Selke and her three companies.”  She was invigorated by the visit, taken along with a pack of other design bloggers: “At a time and age when women may be struggling to make sense of their lives, and in some industries where they find it harder to sustain careers, Annie Selke is rapidly expanding her company with a philosophy that feels fresh and awe-inspiring.  Come take a look,” Tamara writes. Click over to do just that.
  • When we learned last week about the class-action lawsuit against the producers of The Bachelor,  we couldn’t help but think of our friend Jennifer L. Pozner, author of Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV; Pozner’s book had long ago noted that just as reality TV perpetuates and thrives on sexist stereotypes, it does the same regarding racial and ethnic diversity. And blogtopia noticed when Pozner herself produced perhaps the most definitive piece on the subject in The Daily Beast, including from the shows’ own fans at  TV Fan Forums:  “Any TV viewer with eyes has noticed The Bachelor‘s and The Bachelorette‘s persistent whiteness,” noted the latter. “Can a class-action lawsuit force the shows to become diverse? Jennifer L. Pozner reports how ‘Skinny, weepy white women + horny, wealthy white men = love.'” Pozner herself explains why the piece might appeal to blogs like Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer: “For a franchise whose casts resemble the segregated 1960s South, it is perhaps fitting that the class action is based on the same legal principles used to desegregate businesses during the modern civil-rights movement.” Click the links to learn more about how legal drama plus tabloid TV might just promote equality; we can’t wait to see how this unfolds.
  • “After my four mostly unfocused years as a ‘C’ student…I sat where you now sit hoping to God my name would be called and I would receive my diploma,” WVFC fave Jane Lynch told Smith College last week, as noted by Laura Donovan at The Jane Dough. Julie Gerstein explains how, at AOL’s The Frisky:  “Smith College turns out tons of smart, plucky, independent and driven women, so it’s no surprise that they chose actress Jane Lynch as their 2012 commencement speaker. Equally not surprising: Lynch gave one hell of a speech, offering up humor, wisdom and some trademark Jane Lynch charm.” Both blogs included video of the speech itself, and we had to do the same. Do you agree with Lynch that “plans are for wusses?”


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  • BigLittleWolf May 24, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Great post. And thanks so much for the JL speech! Made my day!