This week’s October surprises include brainstorming about economic security, Jane Fonda’s whirlwind schedule, and the incomparable style of women who’ve known how to dress well since the 1950s.

  • At The Real Deal, Kyla Bair of the National Council for Research on Women reports from their Economic Security Summit.  Among the participants: Sara Gould, President and CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women and a key leader in the contemporary women’s movement; Sara Manzano-Diaz, Director of the Women’s Bureau at the United States Department of Labor;  Kay Klotzburger, founder, president, and executive director of The Silver Century Foundation, and Michelle (no last name given) from The Wal-Mart Foundation, whose presentation started with “Why Wal-Mart?” Click over, especially if you’re looking to fund a project to benefit women.
  • What is UN Resolution 1325? Yet another long, fruitless gesture by the benighted organization? Actually, explains Anne-Marie Goetz, UNIFEM’s Chief Advisor on Governance, Peace and Security, the resolution “could dramatically speed up efforts to stop sexual violence against women in conflict and make women central to brokering peace.” In a brief interview at Just Say No to Violence, chaired by UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman, Goetz explains why the resolution will make a difference around the world, and offers ideas for what women in “non-conflict countries” like the U.S. can do.
  • Did you know that there was a blog called WOOF? Or that it stands for “Women Only – Over Fifty?” Neither did we, till they found us for their financial news roundup.

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