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This week, the blogosphere was done with the latest misbehaving politico, entranced with “The Bra Whisperer,” and whispered an offer of free copies of a hot new biography.

  • However you feel about the politics of Rep. Anthony Weiner, it was hard this week to escape a certain growing dread on behalf of his wife, State Department aide Huma Abedin, leading up to Weiner’s tearful confession Monday about Twitter and phone indiscretions with younger women. Women were so universally inspired to comment that we bring you a trifecta. At Jezebel, Iris Carmon says elegantly that Political Sex Scandals Are Rooted In Male Narcissism;  the New Yorker’s Amy Davidson wonders at a man for whom ” ‘taking full responsibility’ does not mean resigning, which makes one wonder how abject, as opposed to humiliated, Weiner is. He talked — though not in the most coherent terms — about regaining his constituents’ trust. ‘This was a destructive thing to do,’ Weiner said. ‘This wasn’t part of a plan.’ Is it ever?” And at Indiwire Caryn James is particularly glad that Abedin didn’t feel the need to enact “The Good Wife” by Weiner’s side: “Tweeting photos and expecting them to remain private was Dumb; I wouldn’t even put my email address in a direct message. Lying about it was Dumber. How smart is a politician who flat-out lies on CNN and thinks he can get away with it? Never mind the Clinton years; Weiner forgot one of the fundamental lessons of Watergate: it’s the cover-up that will get you. But whatever the political fallout for Weiner, it’s a relief to think – or at least hope – we’ve moved beyond the idea that hurt and probably furious wives have to show up on stage and act like Good Soldiers. Now if we could only get past the inane idea that strong marriages make a candidate better qualified, that would be real progress.” Click over if only for James’ clip of  Rachel Maddow and her nifty chart: The Post-Bill Clinton Modern American Political Sex-Scandal Conequence-O-Meter.
  • Most of us are less than exact about our bra size, which has likely changed over the years as we did. Erin Carpenter feels our pain at Today’s Chicago Woman:  “We complain that straps fall down or dig into our shoulders, underwires cut into our breast tissue, bands create back fat, support just isn’t supportive enough. The bra becomes our frenemy.” Carpenter introduces us to Susan Nethero of Intimacy lingerie boutique: “Dubbed the ‘Bra Whisperer’ by the inimatible Carson Kressley of How to Look Good Naked (and coming soon to the Oprah Winfrey Network), Susan believes that the proper fitting is the key to transforming one’s attitude toward her bra – and in turn, her body.” Maybe a fitting really can change your life?
  • Our sister blog Flashfree has been full of useful posts lately.  We especially can’t resist her series “I Got All My Sisters With Me,” on how friendship can help mitigate hot flashes:  In one study she notes, “a subset of 334 women from the Seattle Midlife Women’s Health Study were evaluated over a period of 8 years to determine the association between factors such as frequency and severity of hot flashes, hormone levels, number of negative life events and resources pertaining to mastery over and satisfaction with social support and overall well-being. Study findings showed that for the majority, the menopause transition itself was not a predictor of well-being. Rather, when considered within a broader life context, one primary factor stood out – personal resources as they pertain to social support.”
  • WVFC’s own Eleanore Wells, after a few successful but over-regimented years in office jobs, celebrates her return to full-time freelancing at The Spinsterlicious Life. Now, Wells writes, “Golden Door Consulting is back in business full-time, and I’m just delighted.  I’m doing consumer research, ideation workshops, and strategic planning for ad agencies and all kinds of companies that have products or services to sell…same as before.  I missed it a lot and I’m glad to be back.  I even bought a new pair of pajamas to commemorate my re-opening.” Thanks, Eleanore, for lifting your lamp.





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