The Wednesday Five: Best Longreads of the Week

In this week’s Wednesday 5, we share our Best Longreads of the Week—longform journalism articles and narratives about women. This week, our longform list includes a shout out to the following articles: the journey of a young mother with a disability struggling to keep her child under her care; the mom who helped expose Flint’s toxic water nightmare; Samantha Bee will be the first woman to helm a late-night satire show; Glenn Close’s crusade to fight the stigma against depression; and a meditation on the ideal marriage, according to novels.

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Who Knows Best Lisa Miller | New York Magazine  . Untitled How smart do you have to be to raise a child?  . That is the question conjured up when the state of Massachusetts said a 19-year-old with an intellectual disability wasn’t equipped to look after her baby and whisked the newborn off to another family just after birth—a decision the mother was ready to fight. In this grappling account, Lisa Miller unpacks the story of Sara Gordon who later got her daughter back after the Department of Justice issued a letter finding the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families had committed “extensive, ongoing violations” of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  . Read the full story at New York Magazine.  . RELATED: Mothers in Literature  .   2. The Mom Who Helped Expose Flint’s Toxic Water Nightmare Julia Lurie | Mother Jones  . Untitled. LeeAnne Walters, a no-nonsense 37-year-old mother of four is a stay-at-home mom with a husband in the Navy. When she began to see symptoms in her children of hair loss, skin rashes, and other maladies, she immediately turned to her analysis to the water they were using. She took her children to immediately pediatrician, she called the city repeatedly to send an official to test the water, she made a lot of noise. Julia Lurie writes in Mother Jones,  . The Flint situation is now a full-blown national scandal complete with a class-action lawsuit, a federal investigation, National Guard troops, and many people—including Bernie Sanders—calling for the resignation of Gov. Rick Snyder. “Without [Walters] we would be nowhere,” Mona Hanna-Attisha, the head of pediatrics at Flint’s Hurley Medical Center, told me. “She’s the crux of all of this.”  . Read the full story at Mother Jones  . Next Page: Samantha Bee, Glenn Close and a meditation on the ideal marriage, according to novels. READ MORE .

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