As summer gets under way, our cool blog menu includes Naomi Wolf getting personal with the Transportation Security Administration, musings about weather and climate politics, and 20 years since we first saw Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon blast down that road.

  • With summer travel season in full swing and WVFC’s interest in our privacy (like this from Eleanore Wells), we knew we had to share this from author Naomi Wolf: My Sex Life With the TSA. We’ll just give you the setup: say in comments when you said Uh-oh…”Well, without flowers or candlelight or even a nice dinner, I am led into a highly visible corner, after quite a wait for a “female officer.” They did ask if I wanted to go somewhere private but I would have felt even MORE uncomfortable NOT in a public setting. A very attractive African-American woman in her mid-twenties was tasked with searching me. So of course, a skanky male traveler — white, mid-forties, affluent — decides to stand around and watch.” Click over so you see what happens next.


  • With all the tornadoes and weird weather about, can we build any consensus in the United States on climate change? That’s the question being asked by Elisa Batista at Moms Rising, who writes amid freak Bay Area weather and a recent experience trying to do just that. “As part of a pilot program called “Changing the Game,” I co-hosted a trans-partisan discussion on global warming and renewable energy in New Bedford, New Hampshire. It was amicable, and while we did not agree on the existence of global warming, I was surprised by how important the environment was to all of us. We all recycled, had our kids in cloth diapers, changed our lightbulbs, and did what we could to reduce our carbon footprint. We did not address what could be done on the legislative level, which is one of my regrets.” She goes on to suggest a few things, along with some snarky and smart observations about gender and politics.


  • It has been a while since we checked in with Joan Price at Better Than I Ever Expected. We therefore didn’t know about her new book launching today from Seal Press, Naked At Our Age: Straight Talk About Senior Sex. Price lures us in with chapter titles like “Together Yet Alone; Is This My Marriage?” and “Off the Beaten Path: Nontraditional Sex Practices and Relationships,” asking us to tell her which should be excerpted on her site.   A few posts down, Price also gives us a touch of her writing style in “Sharing Body Heat,”  a memoir on sex and widowhood that’ll remind you of this from Michele Buchanan.


  • At Slow Love Life, Dominique Browning is modest about her essay this week in The New York Times, “In Defense of Laugh Lines.” She explains a little of why she did it: “It is just that we’re collectively in danger of losing our bearings here — too many people I know are going way too far with needle and knife.” The link is in our In the News, at right; Browning also encourages you to check out the comment section. If you make a comment, maybe paste it here as well? We bet you have your own observations about women and plastic surgery.


  • Can you believe that it has been 20 years since the premiere of Thelma and Louise? We simultaneously can’t, and feel like we were born loving that movie. Melissa at Women&Hollywood muses, “Where are the Thelma and Louise type movies today?  Why weren’t there movies made in its wake?  Why didn’t studios get women writers to create more characters like Thelma and Louise?  Is it about the power that they had?  Is the culture really that afraid of women?” and gives a roundup of anniversary essays online.  To get you started thinking about those questions, we’re providing two videos below: the original trailer and Susan Sarandon doing DVD-style narration of one of the movie’s most crucial scenes.


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