The Wednesday Five: After Thanksgiving

There’s an abundance of  tips on how to prepare, host and then enjoy the holiday tomorrow. But what about after Thanksgiving? Here are our favorite innovative post-holiday advice on how to recover and unwind from the feasts and the family —none which include trips to the malls and outlets for Black Friday, but does include a nod to Green Friday.



What to Binge-Watch After Binge-Eating This Thanksgiving

565342ed6f74facb3e9e2e50_aziz-ansari-master-of-none-cr-courtesyMaster of None is streaming on Netflix. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Meredith Carey at Condé Nast Traveler turns to streaming video sites and apps for her post-Thanksgiving detox strategy — with a sensitivity towards the holiday traveler. She writes, “Whether it’s during flight delays, downtime with family, or the annual escape from the in-laws, take a Thanksgiving break and watch the latest streaming movie or show.” Her manifesto points us to what’s streaming on Hulu, HBO Go and Netflix so that “so you’re not stuck watching Spongebob reruns with the nieces and nephews.” Yikes!



After Thanksgiving, Turkey Sandwiches for the Leftover-Deprived

Florence Fabricant of The New York Times asks: “What happens if you do not come away with leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner at someone’s home or a restaurant?” A dilemma indeed. Her indulgent response includes: a pulled turkey sandwich, chocolate, and ramen noodles. Read the full article in the Dining section here.


Post-Feast Yoga Poses to Help Your Digestion

Woman MeditatingImage from Flickr via

Jenna Saunders urges us to get flowing via yoga. She writes for the Chopra Center lifestyle blog, “It can be tempting to curl up on couch after a large, decadent holiday meal. However, doing mindful movement after you eat sets up your body to move food along and keep you comfortable.” There goes the binge-watching of Netflix. The six yoga poses Saunders offers are aimed at helping stimulate digestion and detoxification: Twists, Forward Folds, and a Wind Removing Pose all seem like they will be quite necessary.



Turning Black Friday to Green Friday

Mount_Rainier_from_above_Myrtle_Falls_in_AugustMt. Ranier National Park

Yep,  you guessed it, instead of shopping and spending money, a new movement is taking hold “Green Friday” —heading to the great outdoors. Seattle is taking the lead this year by offering free admission to its national parks. Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post Intelligencer tells us:

Olympic and Mount Rainier national parks are offering “fresh air and a little exercise” on the day after Thanksgiving, waiving entrance fees on a day of the year when many feel guilty for what they have eaten. The parks are inviting the public to create a new shopping mall-free tradition: “Green Friday.”



From the Women’s Voices Archives: Ask Dr. Pat —Detoxing from the Holidays

A couple of years ago, our Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen offered great advice to a woman who had finished a grueling five-day marathon of Thanksgiving preparation, execution, and nonstop entertaining.

Many of us begin our holiday marathon with Thanksgiving entertaining or travel. At our job we work hard before the holiday so we won’t return to chaos. At home we work hard to make the big day perfect, whether we are host or guest. This day of gratitude is often lost in the misery of overeating and drinking in a setting of exhaustion from too much preparation and too little sleep. You are right to understand that you don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day to make resolutions. You can start today and end the year with new habits that will improve your life.

Click here to read Dr. Allen’s advice on how to focus on changing behaviors for the next 28 days with new habits that can slowly improve the quality of life.


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  • roz warren November 25, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    I always love the Wednesday 5. ENjoy the holiday!

  • Phyllis Dupret November 25, 2015 at 9:19 am

    Thank you…Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday with A GIANT THANK YOU for A GREEN Friday…………………..