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In this week’s Wednesday Five: How to be like Frida Kahlo, as told by Frida Kahlo; the Dalai Lama on aging gracefully; Instagram’s policing of women’s bodies; the SCOTUS marriage-equality decision in Haiku; and the Nina Simone documentary streams on Netflix. 



Happy Birthday, Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo’s self portrait.

Yesterday, our Eleanor Foa Dienstag reviewed the exhibition, “Frida Kahlo: Art. Garden. Life,” currently on view at The New York Botanical Garden. How serendipitous, because July 6 is Kahlo’s birthday. And how thrilled we were to see this article on The Huffington Post: “How To Be More Like Frida Kahlo, As Told By Frida Kahlo” by Colton Valentine. It cleverly asks us to imagine Kahlo as our life coach and offers some sobering life lessons from the artist. They include: “Say you don’t do love letters — then write gorgeous ones,”  “Deny all labels,” and, “Never get caught up in your success,”—great advice for artists and non-artists alike.



Happy Birthday, Dalai Lama

Another icon of our time, the Dalai Lama, turned 80 years old also on July 6. He sat down with TIME magazine to talk about aging. In the interview, Elizabeth Dias asked of the Dalai Lama: How do you find sense of purpose as you age, especially if you live in a Western society that values youth? His response was simple but profound: “I believe in also telling people, when you are young is its own special beauty. . . Then, getting older, its own beauty.”



8 times Instagram policed women’s bodies

The debates around social media censorship have been heating up. Considerably, the controversies around what gets censored and what doesn’t always seem to focus on women’s bodies. In tandem, Instagram has been in the hot seat this year for its policing of women’s bodies. Writing for Mashable, Katie Duperie shares:

The platform’s nudity guidelines have sparked outrage over banned pictures and accounts, prompting activism across the social network and beyond. . . Instagram’s guidelines for what is permissible when it comes to bodies, especially those of women, are complicated. “Female nipples” aren’t allowed, unless they’re being used to breastfeed or a photo shows post-mastectomy scarring — and that’s where things get tricky. These caveats put some images in murky territory, leaving policy a bit confusing for users. 

Click here to read through a list (and images) of some of the photos of women’s bodies deemed “inappropriate” by Instagram. We should note that after public outry, Instagram apologized and reinstated many of the images it initially banned.



The SCOTUS Marriage Decision, in Haiku.

HaikuIf you are looking for the detailed and robust summary of the SCOTUS marriage-equality decision, read Chris Lombardi’s excellent article, “No More ‘Same-Sex’: U.S. Supreme Court Affirms My Full Marriage” featured last week at Women’s Voices. If you’re looking for the more poetic and shorter version, check out this brilliant synopsis from the folks at—The SCOTUS Marriage Decision, in Haiku.



What Happened, Miss Simone?

The Netflix documentary on Nina Simone, “What Happened, Miss Simone?” is finally streaming on Netflix. The New York Times calls it “a powerful portrait of the Artist.

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