The Wednesday Five: Trailblazing Women of 2016

In this week’s Wednesday Five, women who trailblazed their way through 2016!



The Most Powerful Pieces Of Writing By Women In 2016

For the fifth year in a row, The Huffington Post has curated an incredible list of pieces written by women that made an impact on readers in 2016. The editors note, “They will make you think, laugh, cry ― alternately break your heart and put it back together again. Remember: Words still matter, perhaps now more than ever.”  Our favorites making the list include women writing on some of the more pressing issues facing women:

This Is Not A Love Story

Melissa Jeltsen, The Huffington Post

In the U.S., more women are killed by their intimate partners than by any other group. Melissa Jeltsen puts faces to the grim statistics surrounding domestic violence in her harrowing multi-media project, “This Is Not A Love Story.”

Giving Up Alcohol Opened Up My Eyes To The Infuriating Truth About Why Women Drink

Kristi Coulter, Quartz

You don’t have to agree with every part of Kristi Coulter’s assessment of why women drink to find it important food for thought. As she writes: “Even cool chicks are still women. And there’s no easy way to be a woman, because, as you may have noticed, there’s no acceptable way to be a woman. And if there’s no acceptable way to be the thing you are, then maybe you drink a little. Or a lot.”

In Secretive Marijuana Industry, Whispers Of Abuse And Trafficking

Shoshana Walter, Reveal

Shoshana Walter does a deep dive into the sexual abuse that occurs in the marijuana industry, which has largely remained under the radar. “The forests also hide secrets, among them young women with stories of sexual abuse and exploitation,” writes Walter. This one’s a long read, but well worth the time.



Exceptional Women-Hosted Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur magazine compiled a collection of 24 women-hosted podcasts that “deliver insight, inspiration, and a diverse perspective” that will give women entrepreneurs an edge in growing their business. Some of the highlights include:

Women in Tech

Hosted by women in tech evangelist Espree Devora, the Women in Tech podcast features top-quality interviews with female founders, programmers, investors, and designers. The podcast was recently featured at the top of iTunes and continues to make waves around the Internet.

She Did It Her Way

Every week, the She Did It Her Way podcast interviews top female entrepreneurs across the U.S. who are breaking rules and doing things their way. Learn from their challenges, struggles, failures, and successes and enjoy the great storytelling that host Amanda Boleyn curates with all of her top-tier guests.

Women Taking The Lead

On her podcast, Women Taking The Lead, Jodi Flynn aims to help women more naturally exude their leadership and overcome self-doubt. Treat this podcast as a free mentorship session with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who took the leap and learned a lot of valuable insights along the way.

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