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In this week’s Wednesday Five:

  1. An Internship Program that Only Hires Women Over 40
  2. Congress’s 4 Women Combat Veterans Band Together
  3. A Platform Connecting Women Across India with Flexible Careers
  4. How Women Changed the Media
  5. from the Women’s Voices Archives: “The Gift of Family” by Suzanne Russell



Woman Over 40? This Internship is Dedicated Just to You

This is our favorite thing this week. Emily Siegel of Forbes reports on a new and brilliant endeavor: The Enternship!

The four week program, which launched this summer, aims to help women over 40 reenter the workforce by teaching them practical p.r. and digital communications skills. Eight interns in their 40s, 50s and 60s are currently participating, including a former CNN producer and a lawyer. 

The two women behind the initiative, Dara Kaplan, president of the New York City-based P.R. firm Wunderlich Kaplan Communications (WKC) and its CEO Gwen Wunderlich, shared with Siegel the professional impetus for starting The Enternship but also a deeply troubling emotional battle many women face when trying to re-enter the workforce. According to Wunderlich:

We were tired of watching friends and family members get passed over for their younger counterparts or denied jobs because they have “too much” experience. We received more than 600 applications for the program, and the one thing every cover letter had in common was that they felt defeated. Ageism hurts, and these women feel like, “Am I worthless at 54? Am I over the hill at 52? Why will no one hire me?”

Read more at Forbes about how this program helping women reinvent their place in the workforce.

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Congress’s 4 Women Combat Veterans Band Together

Wash PoSource:

It is now official — women can be on the front lines of military combat in our nation’s Armed Forces. The four women in congress who have actually served in combat roles are banding together to influence and inform legislative decisions regarding women in the military. They are: Democratic Reps. Tammy Duckworth (Ill.), a former Blackhawk helicopter pilot, and Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii), a former military police in Kuwait. Republican Rep. Martha McSally (Ariz.), who flew A-10s for the Air Force and Sen. Joni Ernst (Iowa), who served in the Iowa National Guard.

In The Washington Post this week, reports that although the women vary often in their political stances, when it comes to this issue, they are united:

But they are speaking together in Congress just as the Pentagon is implementing sweeping changes to the face of the military. And as they raise their voices, their colleagues are listening to them on issues ranging from sexual harassment in the military to expanding family leave and planning options for soldiers and – most recently – whether women should be eligible for the draft.

Read more at The Washington Post.

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