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In this week’s Wednesday Five: the Women Deliver Conference on the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women opens; Congress passes bill that allows WWII Women Air Force Service Pilots to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery; the women of Fast Company’s list of the most creative people in business; Hoda Kotb offers valuable life lessons at her commencement speech to Tulane University’s class of 2016; and the all-female Shakespeare production of ‘Taming the Shrew’ goes live this summer.



Women Deliver 2016 Conference


Earlier this week, the Women Deliver 2016 Conference — the world’s largest global conference on the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women — opened in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Lauri Romanzi, member of Women’s Voices’ Medical Advisory Board and a pelvic reconstructive surgeon   is a featured speaker and has been tweeting about the gathering’s panels on pressing women’s health issues. See our recent posts, “If Men Had to Go Through Labor” and “The Vulnerable Female Body,” for a glimpse into Dr. Romanzi’s life in Africa and Asia, working on the devastating fistulas, prolapsed bladders, damaged uteruses, and mutilated genitals of poor women, many of whom must walk for days, through dangerous territory, to receive treatment. And, follow her on Twitter (@DrRomanzi) as she shares field notes from Women Deliver 2016.



Congress Passes Bill: WWII Women Air Force Service Pilots to be Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

WaspPilots6-795e6c375d0764c0ac460bde3e5fa50cPhoto by the U.S. Air Force/Wikimedia Commons

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