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These Indian Women Protect their Local Forests from Poachers

In this week’s dose of inspiration, we share with you the story of the courageous women of Ghunduribadi, in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, India. These women, via sticks and machetes, guard their ancestral forest lands from illegal loggers. Reporting for PRI, Sam Eaton writes:

Thirty years ago, when the men from her village were in charge of protecting the forest, Pradhan said it was nearly barren from overuse, providing little wood or food. Then a series of devastating droughts hit the region. Pradhan said at times, families would only get a handful of rice. Mothers, she said, would feed their children but go hungry themselves. That’s when the women organized to restore and protect the forest.

Read more at PRI on how these women are protecting their land.



How A Hashtag Is Elevating The Work Of Black Women Throughout History

This past February, Women’s Voices celebrated Black Women for Black History Month — and the celebration indeed carries on all year round. We were pleased to see this report from Taylor Pittman at The Huffington Post on “How A Hashtag Is Elevating The Work Of Black Women Throughout History.” Pittman writes:

This Women’s History Month, Twitter and Instagram users are recognizing black women throughout history and their accomplishments using the hashtag #BlackWomensHistoryMonth. Though the first use of the hashtag dates back to 2010, it started gaining momentum after Reggie Cunningham, @kidnoble on Twitter, began tweeting photos and short biographies of different black women on March 1. 

Read more at The Huffington Post.



‘Waitress’ Is Making Broadway History With Its All-Female Creative Team

When our Alexandra MacAaron reviewed the Broadway play, “Waitress,” she wrote that “the cast of Waitress is a drama dream come true.” Well, so is the creative team behind the cast! Joanna Kao of FiveThirtyEight tells us why this is exceptional in Broadway history:

Only two other musicals since 1975 have had all-female creative teams . . . Over the last 41 seasons of Broadway musicals, only about 1 in 10 directors, authors or composers, and 1 in 4 choreographers, have been female. By contrast, 255 musicals, or 52 percent, have had four men in their top creative roles. Even though there have been notable wins for women on Broadway in recent years, the overall trend hasn’t much changed.

Read more about the groundbreaking women of “Waitress” at FiveThirtyEight.

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