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In this week’s Wednesday Five, Padma Lakshmi talks about her battle with endometriosis; a  woman will be on the next series of Canadian bank notes; empowering women to follow on social media; Sheryl Sandberg, Shonda Rhimes and others share their motto on what it means to be a woman; and Google celebrates International Women’s Day.



Padma Lakshmi’s New Memoir — Love, Loss, and What We Ate 


Many of us know Padma Lakshmi through the hit food show, Top Chef. In a new memoir, “Love, Loss and What We Ate,” the 45-year-old host, model, actress and author shares stories about much more than her work in front of the cameras. She talks about her painful struggle with endometriosis, a disease which can also impact fertility. Lakshmi is the co-founder of The Endometriosis Foundation of America. In an interview with The Today Show yesterday, she spoke about living with the disease.

“From the time I was 13 until the time I was diagnosed, I missed 25 percent of my life. So I’m sitting here and I’ve lost six years of my life to this illness,” she told Today show. “It’s very debilitating. … It’s starts in adolescence, when it’s such a tender time to begin with, and no one wants to talk about it.”

Watch the interview on The Today Show.

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A  Woman Will be on Next Series of Canadian Bank Notes


There’s already a growing #MovetoCanada movement brewing, helped by Justin Trudeau’s global popularity and a frustrating political climate in the United States. As Trudeau attends a State Dinner in his honor at The White House this week, he dropped this beautiful gift, giving Americans another item to add on the #MovetoCanada list. In 2018, when Canada prints its new set of bank notes, there will be a Canadian woman on the country’s bank notes. Who will that woman be? It gets even better. According to Trudeau:

“Today, on International Women’s Day, the Bank of Canada is taking the first step by launching public consultations to select an iconic Canadian woman to be featured on this new bill.”

Canadians will get to vote on the first woman to be featured on their money. Meanwhile, here in the US, the fight for the same continues. 

Read more at CBC News.

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