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In this week’s Wednesday Five: The 2016 Pirelli Calendar shirks supermodels for role models; toy company GoldieBlox honors 2015’s coolest ladies with mini-tributes; Vogue magazine creates a stunning feature on  women who are ‘Climate Warriors’; and the women who are transforming the country’s art institutions.



2016 Pirelli Calendar Features Role Models Instead of Supermodels


Yep, and guess what, the behind-the-scenes making of the calendar has gone viral already!

While the Pirelli calendar is usually known for its artsy photographs of seductive, semi-nude supermodels in tropical settings, the Italian tire manufacturer decided to try a new approach for its 2016 edition. The exclusive calendar — not for sale, but distributed to 20,000 VIPs — was shot entirely by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz and features women who were picked for their achievements rather than their looks. (Women in the World)

Among the twelve women featured are: 65-year old author Fran Lebowitz, 58-year old Iranian artist Shirin Neshat, and 82-year old Yoko Ono.



2016 Pirelli Calendar: The Photographer Behind the Portraits

Watch the video below for the behind the scenes making of the calendar and see the project’s photographer, Annie Leibovitz in action.





GoldieBlox Honors 2015’s Coolest Ladies with Mini-Tributes

In their newest ad, “Fast Forward Girls 2015,” the toy company GoldieBlox aims to encourage today’s young girls to take action by putting them in their heroes’ shoes. And it’s the cutest video ever! Watch these little girls brilliantly spoof and honor the likes of Amy Schumer, Beyoncé,  Misty Copeland, Hillary Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 





Vogue Magazine: Climate Warriors

UntitledImage via

This week, our world leaders gathered in Paris to discuss climate change and address ways we can collectively combat global warming. In tandem, Vogue magazine created a stunning spread online featuring the women on the front lines of the movement. The title is a fitting, “Climate Warriors.” Read about these fabulous women hailing from Chad, Sri Lanka, Grenada, Peru, and Nigeria, here.



Women Transforming the Country’s Art Institutions

UntitledImage via

After Vogue head over to W magazine for some more power list action. The magazine salutes the women transforming some of the country’s foremost art institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, the Aspen Art Museum and the Smithsonian’s Hirshorn Museum.



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  • lenore harris December 2, 2015 at 8:33 am

    Kudos for assembling these articles- a wonderful array and tribute to the power of The Woman. I have passed it on to many other worthy women!