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This week’s chosen blogs range from newsy to frivolous: 12 Best Hairstyles Over 40, a new play about the late Ann Richards, and links to two new movies about the mysterious land of North Korea.

  •  Jane Marie at The Hairpin was inspired, after the recent death of the dictator of North Korea, to share two films about the country under his rule — including a clip from the award-winning Welcome to North Korea.  The latter, she writes, is “in my opinion, and a million other people’s opinions including the Emmy Awards people, the best documentary out there about North Korea. VICE’s was pretty good too — a lot funnier — but they didn’t get to learn about how the Kim Il Sung invented the adjustable-height desk. ” You might want to also check out the Vice film,  if only for its immortal first line.
  • At Bad Girl Chats, Nicole Hollander posts some holiday-season guidance about receiving less-than-awesome gifts. “I was thinking about gift giving,” she writes, “and I looked through my cartoon file to locate the only woman in America who can’t accept gifts graciously… she hates her gift before she even opens it. If you have this flaw, please start practicing your excited whelps of pleasure. ” Click over for the rest, and for Hollander’s fabulous cartoon.
  • As women of a certain age, we tend to have complex feelings about our bodies even when they’re positive. More reason, then, to participate in the Australian study highlighted by Rachel at Our Bodies Our Blog, “about the connection between a woman’s body image and her sense of well-being.” OBOB provides a link to the researcher’s online questionnaire, which should take about 20 minutes to answer,  giving feedback about “”how you feel about your body, behaviors related to your body, and how you feel about yourself in general.” All women over 18 are being recruited, so consider joining in to represent our demographic.
  • We’ve given long hair for women a lot of love, but what about a few less-than-lengthy options? Style Goes Strong offers some fresh ideas, long and short, with a celebrity slide show, Best Over 40 Hair for 2011. “I love to change my hair often, even in middle age. So I’ve always been a celebrity watcher to get ideas,” Cynthia Nellis writes in intro.  “In 2011, there were 12 women who stood out in my mind as having the best hair (for different categories.) See who I think has the best bob, the best short hair and more!” The nominees include Rita Wilson and Kate Capshaw. Click over, and maybe tell us in comments what you think.

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