This week, blogs cheered Anna Wintour’s appearance on Stephen Colbert’s TV show, shared new better-vision technologies, and laughed sadly at French feminists’ satirical slam at  the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Seems like just yesterday that we were mourning Oscar’s exclusion of women directors from the awards; we were unsurprised, if annoyed, when Cannes followed suit in its lineup for this summer. At least, reports Melissa at Women and Hollywood, the French group Le Barbe didn’t take it lying down, declaring that festival organizers “show us once again that ‘men are fond of depth in women, but only in their cleavage.'” The manifesto on the subject from the group, a sort of Guerrilla Grrls for French culture, also applauds the Cannes committee for its consistency: “With great understanding of the monumental importance of such an event, you were able to dissuade women from aspiring to set foot in this well-guarded scene. Above all, never let the girls think  they can someday have the presumptuousness of making movies or to climb those famous Festival Palace steps except when attached to the arm of a Prince Charming.” Click over for the rest, which is equally hilarious and damning.
  • Our spring series about volunteerism has featured the Peace Corps, museum volunteers, and competitive literacy coaching. But we hadn’t had a chance to check in with Wendy Spencer, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, who offers at Huffington Post 50 a rousing endorsement of the Senior Corps, which deploys more than 330,000 Americans ages 55 and older:  “Last year, Senior Corps volunteers served 96.2 million hours, making a difference in the lives of more than 700,000 elderly people who received assistance to remain independent in their homes; and more than 300,000 young people who received one-on-one tutoring and mentoring that improved their academic performance, self-esteem and overall social behavior.” That’s a heck of a lot of people power. Is some of it yours?
  • Not every gizmo-for-seniors hawked on the ‘Net is worth our time, but Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By noticed something that might be brilliant for failing vision: “The device is called an Implantable Miniature Telescope, and it works by expanding images that hit the eyes onto areas of the retina that are unaffected by macular degeneration. After being implanted into the cornea, the implant works to correct the darkening of the middle of the wearer’s field of vision.” Click over for more explanation, and images of the possible bionic eye.
  • Has Dominique Browning’s Moms Clean Air Force heard about this clean-air lawsuit by kids? Our Alexandra MacAaron writes about it in her  parenting blog Lovin’ the Alien:  “As reported in The Atlantic, the suit Alec L. et. al vs. Lisa P. Jackson et. al demands that the Environmental Protection Agency reduce carbon dioxide emissions by six percent per year going forward. The plaintiffs (five high school students) argue that under ‘the public trust doctrine,’ the government should be forced to step up, accept responsibility and affect change.” MacAaron likens it to an old episode of Star Trek in which children rule a planet, calling adults useless “Grups,” and challenges us to do better: “I ask you. Conservative or Liberal, Democrat or Republican . . . what is the legacy we are leaving our children? Debate doesn’t seem to work. Neither does scientific evidence or statistical projections. Sure, the Grups have a lot of excuses for inaction. But, this week, a group of kids are saying, ‘Yeah, yeah. Tell it to the judge.’ ” Click over for more, including how to help.
  • We’ve been big boosters of the New York City Metropolitan Museum’s newest jewelry show (gallery photo above); we reported on it in last week’s Wednesday 5 via Fashionista wasn’t the only one covering last week’s opening gala, hosted by the inimitable Anna Wintour of Vogue—or noticing Wintour’s defense of jewelry-as-art on The Colbert Report. At The Gloss, Jessica Pauline Ogilvie called Wintour’s appearance  on the Report “possibly the most epic of celebrity pairings to ever grace the small screen,” and recommends that readers not rush through the clip below: “I suggest you hang on to this until you’re off work, then sit down with a nice glass of wine and really soak it in. Soak it the f**k in.”  We agree.


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