The Wednesday 5: Christmas Eve Goodies

We  come bearing gifts on Christmas Eve Day: E-book gifts from Gail Sheehy and her Women Who Dare project; inspiring gifts from Hollywood about the progress women made this year; small gifts of kindness that you can explore throughout 2015; gifts of good news for the post–baby boomers; and gifts of laughter as we share with you the new (but annoying) trend of manspreading.



Women Who Dare: Inspirational Stories—a Free Holiday eBook by Bestselling Author Gail Sheehy

Mini-Daring-Holiday-ebook-cover.0011-300x225Gail Sheehy wants us to know that her mission for the New Year is to light the fire inside you. NOW, she says,  is the time to do something you’ve never done before:

  • Kickstart your own business
  • Take acting lessons
  • Learn to code
  • Speak out as an environmental activist
  • Volunteer in the field you’ve always wanted to be in—and make them want to hire you!

As an outgrowth of her memoir, Daring: My Passages, Sheehy asked famous women like Arianna Huffington and Gloria Steinem to recall the moment of daring early in their careers that catapulted them to a path of success. These stories are nothing short of inspiring.

Click here for Sheehy’s little eBook of 12 daring-women stories.




The Most Important Feminist Film Moments of 2014

Hollywood Reporter

Image via Women and Hollywood

When you’re done with binging on the holiday flicks, take a moment to be thankful for these breakthrough moments for women in film in 2014. Melissa Silverstein at Women and Hollywood tells us:

“The numbers for women behind the camera remain brutally bad. In 2013, only 6% of the top-grossing films were directed by women. 10% were written by women. 2% were shot and composed by women. The statistics onscreen are not that much better. A mere 30% of the characters and 15% of the protagonists were women.

But while the numbers remain dismal, the conversation seems to have shifted. It feels like people are finally fed up and are vocally addressing the film industry’s obvious gender disparities in a much more engaged way.

So as 2014 ends, let’s take a moment to look back at some of the most important feminist moments of the past 12 months in the hope that these will lead to much needed change for women in film in the not-too-distant future.”

Take a look at the uplifting moments of change happening in film and the women who are breaking ground.




12 Small Acts In 2015 That Could Kickstart Big Differences

Fab Over FiftyImage via Fab Over Fifty

Could you ever imagine that another list of things to do would be a gift? Well, this list by Fab Over Fifty is pure generosity. In 12 Small Acts In 2015 That Could Kickstart Big Differences, we are given such beautiful charges  as:

  • Give one of your favorite items that you always use to someone who you know will love it.
  • Abandon all responsibility for one day and do things only for yourself.
  • Go to one museum for a day and concentrate on getting to know a single artist.
  • Attend one religious service of your choice, no matter what your religious beliefs.

Read the full list here.



The Biggest News For Those 50 and Older in 2014

This was agreat year for the post-50s. The Huffington Post reminded us that in 2014, if you are 50 and older and still killing it, you had a great year:

1. Older women are hot-hot-hot in Hollywood.
2. Post-50s are taking social media by storm.
3. Turns out, aging is mostly in your head.
4. Hugs could help turn back the clock.
5. Life expectancy is greater than ever.

Read the full article here.



The ‘Say No to Manspreading’ Movement

Women all over New York City area are thanking the city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority for cracking down on “manspreading“—”Dudes who ride the subways with their legs spread so wide you start to wonder whether perhaps they are shelling ghost peas into an invisible 55-gallon drum are an annoying fixture on public transit” (definition brought to you by Jezebel).

The folks at Gothamist prepared this lovely video for us. Enjoy this week’s dose of laughter.


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  • Roz Warren December 25, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    I’m a radical feminist and yet manspreading doesn’t trouble me. Maybe because I manspread myself? Which is to say that I wear pants and sit with my legs apart rather than crossed or with knees touching. (Is it manspreading if a woman does it??)