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The Power of Young Love

8210336869_bab7e4a4cd_z“New Born Rose.” Photo by Mohsin Ahmed via Flickr (Creative Commons License)

He was my first real love. We started dating at 15, both of us too young to drive, so we met at school dances and athletic events. If we wanted to see a movie or go out to dinner, Richard’s older brother or my father drove us. On one occasion we double-dated with another couple, and my father served as chauffeur.  Richard, nervous in front of my dad, kept playing with the electric window, rolling it up and down until my father asked him to stop.

In high school we were always together; we even shared lockers, a big no-no.  Mine was on the first floor and Richard’s on the second, so we devised a plan: we aligned our books for first-floor classes in my locker; for those on the second floor, in his. (One of us was practical, even then.)

Richard’s math class was the hour before mine; we shared the same room as well as the same instructor. One Valentine’s Day I found a note in my locker directing me to look out the window of the math class, where I would find my Valentine gift.

I rushed to class—to discover that most of my classmates, as well as the teacher, were already there.  Timidly I asked the teacher if I could open the window, since a gift awaited me. He shrugged.  All eyes were on me as I struggled to open the window, only part of which was accessible—no doubt purposely kept small as a safety measure. A string was attached to the window blind.  I pulled and pulled and pulled until my prize, a small basket of flowers at the end of the string, appeared.

The girls made celebratory noises.  The guys guffawed.  I blushed.  Even the teacher commented positively on my Valentine’s Day gift, and then insisted we return to geometry.

While we are no longer a couple, we remain friendly.  We raised three children together and today share the magic of watching grandchildren grow. Just as I carried that basket of flowers with me that Valentine’s Day so many years ago, I still carry it within, testimony to the power of young love.


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