By Rev. Cecilia Loving

Recently, we discussed the power of renunciation, the power of letting go of whatever is not for our highest good, the power of saying no.

This spiritual housecleaning is shown by the story of Noah’s ark. While the waters cleansed the earth, the ark only contained what was absolutely essential, only what God told Noah to bring. Everything else was sacrificed.

Spring cleaning requires sacrifice, too. In fact, Marlon and I have been using the power of renunciation to let go of what is no longer serving us. We started by getting rid of our old windows and screens and were shocked by how much light the new windows let in. Then we had our entire apartment painted and quickly felt the beauty of everything being transformed. The old blinds were discarded and new window treatments provided a new vision.

The threadbare carpeting was ripped up, and the mere process of adding new flooring resulted in getting rid of excess stuff. We threw away 30 big bags of stuff. We gave away discarded treasures in the hope that they would bring someone else joy. Stuff that had been cluttering our lives for years soon disappeared.

We began asking ourselves: What else do we need to release? If it’s fear, it’s gotta go. If it’s anger, it’s gotta go. If it’s envy, its gotta go. Whatever does not serve our greatest good has to be tossed. When we release, we allow our blessings to flow in through forgiveness.

Forgiveness is one of the best cleansers that there is. We “for-give” by giving love for hurt; by giving peace for anger; by giving understanding for impatience. When we freed our minds from negativity, we opened up a space in our consciousness for healing. We cannot experience the grace of God until we humble ourselves by letting go and allowing God to bless us.

When we open up that space physically, mentally or spiritually, we allow our lives to be filled with God’s blessings, the divine opportunities that are always in our midst.

Our cleansing will not just happen over night. Noah was in the boat for 150 days. Saying “no” to worries, complaints, doubt, fear is an ongoing process. We have to learn to trust the freedom of letting go, of moving with the flow.

Take joy in the rain. Oh, let it rain. Let it rain. Let it rain. Spirit will carry us through the storm. And afterwards, a whole new world will open up. We will be cleansed by our faith. We will feel the strength of God carry us as long as it takes. We will find ourselves brand new. We will be lifted in a new consciousness. We will feel the stirrings of a new freedom.

We were saved for a reason. The dove has handed us the olive leaf of our salvation. All we have to is take it.

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