"I think it’s terrific we’re up here arguing about who’s going to be
better for women, because isn’t that a nice change for everybody to
hear" — Sen. Hillary Clinton on who’s a better advocate for women when  it comes to issues of human rights, poverty and healthcare.

Last night’s CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate was more enjoyable than I anticipated, though not necessarily more enlightening. Alessandra Stanley sums it up well: "Most of the video questions posed in last night’s Democratic debate were more memorable than the answers, proving that novices can ask good questions, but not necessarily elicit better answers than professional journalists."

Read 128 minutes worth of debate in two minutes at Salon. Or front-page comprehensive coverage from the Washington Post. And share with us what you liked or what you learned from the debate.


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  • Elizabeth Hemmerdinger July 24, 2007 at 11:36 pm

    Though it shouldn’t be, it seemed historic that the digital town meeting actually came off as coherent — good job done by Anderson Cooper. I agree the nation ought to keep it’s mitts and wits off Hillary’s clothes. She was a good sport — or looked like one, anyway.

  • Vicky July 24, 2007 at 3:59 pm

    Putting Hillary aside for a second, we have some amazing men running in the Democratic primary. It’s hard to think of less patriarchal, less bullying or less condescending voices and demeanors than John Edwards and Barack Obama*. Maybe it’s their great, accomplished and articulate wives — or maybe it’s that we’re seeing a redefinition of masculinity.
    Having said that, did Edwards have to talk about Hillary’s jacket? I know he was responding awkwardly to an awkward question — but considering the crazy cleavage things this week …. I just wished we stayed away entirely from Hillary’s appearance.
    *I know Joe Biden has done a ton for women, but he and Chris Dodd still exude an old Senate boys club feel to me.