Women's Voices Love Letter

Dear Readers,

Our collective heart skips several beats when we think of you and all you mean to us.  Without you, we’d be losing pals we dish with, gals we exchange fashion tips with, and activists we march with—compatriots who join in our cheering and our bemoaning.  Friends who are our inspiration for everything we write and publish.  

Without you, we’d be adrift—a mission without a meeting of the minds.

Yes, we love you, dear readers, and we know you will understand when we say we love others as well.

It’s true, our hearts belong to several people you haven’t met.  Please do not feel betrayed, because without them there would be no us to care so deeply about you.

Let us tell you about them:

The Verdura Family:  Verdura is an American fine jeweler recognized for its timeless, elegant, and distinctly original designs. The company was founded by Sicilian Duke Fulco di Verdura, who began his career working with Coco Chanel in Paris. With the financial backing of Cole Porter and Vincent Astor, Verdura opened his doors on Fifth Avenue in New York in 1939 and designed for the who’s-who of international society, his work celebrated as bold, understated “chic.” Verdura has donated a percentage of the proceeds from a party it gave for us in November of 2013, as well as a percentage of its December 2013 sales, to Women’s Voices for Change—transfusing us with energy and funds to keep us enthusiastic and able to continue to show the world who all of us really are.  Colleen Caslin, our dear board member, is the C.O.O. of Verdura.

24/7 Wall St.:  We start with this disclaimer before going any further in our description of this lifeline for us: The founder and CEO of this company is often referred to on WVFC as “The Husband.”  Doug McIntyre is indeed Dr. Pat’s soulmate and spouse, but to us he is volunteer ambulance squad, oracle, and father figure—just for starters.  We know the web world, yes, but Doug gets it on a cellular level.  Every great team needs a stellar coaching staff.  Doug and 24/7 Wall St. are ours.

Steve Bruner and SlipFire: When we need to put out fires, we call SlipFire, run by Steve Bruner with the precision of a surgeon and the eye of an artist—not to mention the brain of a technophile.  It took a while to switch from the old mindset of hearing traffic as a dreaded word to primping ourselves for what we would call visitors, better known as traffic in the web world.  Steve has been our Traffic-copter—giving us a view of the landscape and removing hurdles more times than we can count.

Althea  Stewart:  You know the expression:  If you want a job done, give it to the busiest person you know?  When we sought a chair of the WVFC Board, it was only natural that Catherine Wood, globetrotting entrepreneur, mother of three, and relied-upon mentor to many, would be the person we’d tap.  As Catherine’s wing woman, Althea not only took on the tasks of culling our emails to Catherine, organizing our and her board-meeting schedules, responding to burning issues, and being certain there was V-8 when it was required, she’s done it with grace and aplomb.

Erica  Suk, RN:  Patient Educator and right hand to Dr. Pat.  Poll the board?  Pull together documents?  Step into the Fashion Friday writer’s shoes?  Who you gonna call?  Uber-capable, truly-beautiful-inside-and-out  Erica.  This young woman is Efficiency’s real name, and she is elegance by any name. No, she’s not of our generation. She’s who we want to see when we look back at our youth.  As if.  

Camille Giblin  Dreams come with responsibilities,  that is for certain. One of the responsibilities of realizing our dream of having a site that is multi-dimensional in its thrust and far-flung in its funding is keeping track of where the dollars come from and where they go. Camille is the one who herds the numbers onto the correct lines, who understands what it takes to help us understand what they mean, and who keeps us on the right side of the law.

Tracy Landauer  Speaking of the law, even when your endeavor is on the side of the angels, you need an able attorney to oversee your activities and advise you on some out-there ideas.  Tracy Landauer, of Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland Perretti LLP, has been doing this for us pro bono since our start.  She is a realist who understands the power of imagination to make the world better, and her daughter is a race-car driver.  No wonder she gets us.

There is always the danger of leaving someone out when you thank others, and we would hate for the unmentioned to feel unloved.  Take this list as emblematic of the heartfelt support that keeps us loving what we do here at WVFC.  Read it knowing of our affection and respect for our editors, Deb Harkins and Grace Ali, the alpha and omega of our gratitude all year long.

Womens Voices love letter

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