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The Fashionable Women in TV


So, 2016 is off to a good start. 2015, however, was dismal when it came to diversity on women’s fashion magazine covers. Looking at who is featured on magazine covers, Fashionista took on the task of  examining 136 covers from 10 leading U.S. fashion publications. The results were not encouraging. What they found was that 27 of the 136 covers featured women of color — or 19.8 percent. The study did however give a nod to W and Elle who put Jane Fonda and Gena Rowlands — two women in their seventies and eighties, respectively — on their covers. 

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While the fashion magazine industry continues to lag behind in being reflective of the accomplishments of women in television, those very women continue to be unstoppable in meeting the moment. On why television is proving to be a thriving place for women, the 55-year-old award-winning Julia Louis-Dreyfuss shared with the ELLE editors:

“Go to the movies—how many good scripts are you really seeing out there? How many good, meaty roles are there for women within those scripts? Not tons of them. Right now there are so many [TV] shows on with strong, complicated, powerful, not-so-powerful, interesting human beings who are women. And I am thrilled to be playing one of them.”


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