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The Benefits of an Exercise Practice Steeped in Routine and Focus

I take great satisfaction in seeing dedicated students who come to class every week for many years. In addition to seeing their skills improve and bodies change, I see their posture improve, energy increase, and confidence boosted. Because I have layered onto each exercise attention to alignment, muscle activation, breath, and directional energy, they never get bored with the workout. I will occasionally introduce some new exercises and may change the order somewhat, but mostly I return to the traditional exercises and we rediscover how things can feel even better with time.

As you exercise, always remember to focus on your whole body. Think more about your alignment, your tempo, your technique, and less about your muscles. Be conscious of how you are moving – the direction, quality, ease of effort, grace, and form. It is precisely this kind of focus that develops control and trains the body as nothing else can.

It is good to learn new things, but change for change sake is not a formula for success. I recommend you always have a personalized stretching or warm-up routine that you repeat daily for your body and your mind. And, when practicing how to skillfully master your body, whether through dance, Pilates, yoga, or any intelligent system of exercise, apply a “qualitative” focus. Practice consistently over time and you can truly begin to transform the way you look, feel, and perform.


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