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Last year, to counter the resolution craze, Women’s Voices for Change put out a call for “ANTI-Resolution” comments from our writers. “Things We Resolve NOT to Do in the New Year” was a big hit, so this year we wanted more. We called for opinions in all moods: earnest, funny, snarky, wry, rueful . . . and almost immediately the “anti” posts came flowing in. Part 1 ran last week. Here’s Part 2.

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Things We Resolve NOT to Do This Year

I resolve NOT to take selfies, use Emoticons, or make a Bucket List.

Susan Fier


I resolve NOT to say “Yes” all the time. Or, at least to reserve the right to say “No” to things that don’t really matter so I have more energy, passion, and talent to devote to the things that do. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Whether it’s a need for approval or a hypersensitive feeling of guilt, I tend to join every committee that invites me—whether I care about its mission or not. This year, I’m going to be more selective about how and to what I give my time

Alexandra MacAaron


I resolve NOT to let my resolutions get out of balance: that is, I plan to lower my focus on what I promise myself I’ll do every year ( i.e. lose X number of pounds) and increase my determination for overcoming procrastination (i.e, finish my proposal).

Tish Jett


No.  I won’t. Absolutely positively shall not. You can’t make me. But random negativity isn’t enough. Resolving NOT to do this or that—let’s be brutally frank here—looks a lot like making a resolution. Doesn’t it? I mean, really? The devout anti-resolutionist must do more.  We must actively thwart all pious intentions. Strangle our dreams and ambitions, lest we taste the salt of failure.  Each day should begin with a hymn of self-love and smugness: I’m the best of all possible Nancys [feel free to use your own name] in the best of all possible worlds.  Each night must end on a sigh of satisfaction: I made it through a Thursday without dying or even breaking a nail; who could ask for anything more? Wow, this is an uplifting little piece. I think I’ll reward myself with ice cream. Yup, Swiss Almond Vanilla, it’s the flavor for the mood, isn’t?  Complex. Nutty. Spicy-sweet. Affirming. Because I’m not one of those twits who start the year vowing to lose twelve pounds and make peace in the Middle East. Where is the damned ice cream scoop?  This cupboard is a freaking disaster. I really can’t live this way. Tomorrow I’ll pull every single thing off the shelves, toss the stuff I don’t use, and make sense of what I keep. Spatulas with spatulas—is that so transgressive?  The weird thing is, I actually just might do it. Please don’t tell.

Nancy Weber


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