Like a basket of flowers left on the doorknob, a present found under your pillow or the now-nearly-unheard-of appearance of an envelope with the return address of a beloved friend, the days when the familiar Google logo is replaced by artwork celebrating one whimsical event or person or another, has for many become an unexpected gift in the day.

Today’s tribute to John Lennon in celebration of his 70th birthday is far more.  It is the essence of a man and his place in history animated into apotheosis.  It is that pain in the heart that hurts so good.  It is a tapestry that you can light on to be transported back in time and far within the vault where you have stored hopes you have almost forgotten you once held.

What’s more, it is a behemoth bowing down to the universal truth: that the dreams of one person can engage the world and last beyond the borders of his lifetime.

Google is many things to many people.  Most of us can’t even begin to imagine what it truly is or does or means.  Today though, Google stepped aside to remind us that that the word “imagine” is owned by someone else forever.  A generation now approaching older age was instructed in what to imagine by John Lennon.  We will endlessly conjure what might never have been possible yet remains a might-have-been that is impossible to forget when we hear that song.  One brief life re-defined the word.  Today a giant technological force set it beautifully in motion in tribute to that life.  Click the play button on today’s logo and it’s impossible not to feel the better for both.

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  • Betsy Wing October 27, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    I clicked here and listened to a lot of Lennon for my own peace and love and old times sake and then went back into your (LBS’s) posts and have had a lovely evening, ending with Judy Collins (tracing back into diamonds and rust with Joan Baez in all its many versions). Thank you LBS, I don’t check every day, but when I do I always look to see what you have to say. On your advice I’m planning to watch Get Low at our tiny, barely-survives-the-nontourist-season, i.e. winter, theatre this weekend.

  • Kathleen Rawlings October 9, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    I wish the world WOULD live this song.