A while ago, I wrote about tech products that were marketed toward women on the basic premise that they were  pink, easy to use, or about shopping. As if the tech wants and needs of half of the human population can be simplified into these three categories!

Anyway, moving on, what are you going to get your tech savvy friends this season?  Here are some ideas that go beyond the obvious iPad mini.


imagesFor your audiophiles, the Jambox or Jambox Mini. Very attractive speakers that come in all shapes and colors.





images-1Goldie Blox, to encourage the budding engineer in your life.







Nike-FuelBand-SE-WM0110_071_A_PREMNike FuelBand, now available in rose gold, for the exercise enthusiasts.







00007317_EverPurseThe Everpurse, the phone-charging purse for your friend whose phone “just died.”





Printstagram+1For a modern twist on a classic, try a photo album from Printstagram–the company prints your Instagram photos. 






cradleSmart Pebbles keep your laptop from overheating, your phone propped up, or your mouse more comfortable.







cleanFor the cleanfreaks who want sparkling screens, try AM.







tweeting-bra-nestle-fitness-company-creates-bra-that-tweets-when-unhooked-watchThe Tweeting Bra, the first and only bra that tweets with a mission to remind you  of the one thing you should never forget: your monthly breast self exam!”(Will be available for purchase soon.)




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