Tech Tuesday: There’s an App for That!

Search by Audio
When you cannot figure out who sings the song you are listening to, Shazam can help. Shazam is an audio-identification app. It uses the built-in recorder on smart phones to automatically identify ambient audio, using its database of music and television. Turn the app on while you are listening to a song, video, or TV, and Shazam will display information like the title, artist, lyrics, album art, a link to the song’s video on YouTube, or cast information. You can even hum or sing the tune you want to identify (if you trust your singing voice, that is).


Search by Ingredient
Can’t decide what to make for dinner tonight? You might as well start with the ingredients you already have in your pantry, or better yet, the ones that are on their last legs in your refrigerator. BigOven, a comprehensive cooking app for both Android and iOS, finds delicious recipes that incorporate up to three ingredients from your kitchen with its “leftovers” search. I searched for recipes that would help me use my spinach, tomatoes, and chicken, and found almost 2,000 recipes, from “Skinny Chicken Florentine” to “Southwestern Eggrolls.” BigOven offers over 350,000 recipes and a complete toolkit for the everyday chef. When you find a recipe, you can directly add the ingredients to your BigOven virtual grocery list and add the meal to your calendar-based menu planner. When you’re ready to cook, just bring your device into the kitchen to follow along.


Search by Location
Did plans with your friends fall through this Saturday? If you are looking for something to do this weekend or are exploring a new city, Eventbrite can help you discover fun local events. Enter your location and search for events by title or date, or browse upcoming local events by categories, like “Arts,” “Food & Drink,” or “Classes.” You can even see what events your friends are attending, get personal recommendations, and save events that interest you so you can look at them later. Eventbrite also lets you register or buy tickets for events directly on the app, then all you need to do is get there, and for that there is Google Maps.

You can access all of the information you might want with a smart phone or tablet (and many of these services are available on your computer as well). When you want to find complicated information, like the name of an actor in the television show you just flipped to, or a concert happening in town this Saturday, don’t get stuck trying to formulate a simple Google search: There’s an app for that.


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