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Tech Tuesday: A Guide to the Best Music-Streaming Services Online

By Amy Blum
By Amy Blum

If you have a computer, smart phone, tablet, or digital home audio system, then accessing millions of songs is as simple as knowing what website to visit. This guide will walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of the best music-streaming services on the Internet, so that you can find the service that works best for you.

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Labor Day Web Watch: A Message from Hilda Solis (VIDEO)

By Women's Voices For Change
Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has been busy since WVFC profiled her a few months ago. In the department's first-ever Labor Day video, Solis discusses the U.S.' current unemployment numbers, and explores prospects for growing America's workforce in the days to come.
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Caught in the Act of Joy

By Shelley Singer
Holding fast to a well-deserved and much-derided reputation as a lover of show tunes, I want to share a few minutes of the raw emotion, over-the top-show-biz and pure joy embedded in this little piece of performance art at the Antwerp Central Train Station. Watch it and then we’ll talk. Okay, now that you’ve seen it, don’t you just want…
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Susan Boyle: Now this is what we call a woman’s voice for change!

By Elizabeth Willse
Susan Boyle, 47, of West Lothian, Scotland, became a surprise favorite on the UK television show “Britain’s Got Talent.” Her gorgeous rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream,” from the musical Les Miserables stunned the normally caustic Simon Cowell into openmouthed awe, and brought an applauding studio audience to its feet. Susan Boyle has been singing since she was 12, she…
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