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Back Story: My Other Writing Lives

By Janet Golden
By Janet Golden

In late middle age I’ve found myself taking some detours from the path I’ve been on for decades. In my public life I’m a history professor and historian of medicine. In my new, other, semi-secret life I’m a humor writer.

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The First Best Christmas

By Susan B. Johnson
Of all the Christmas gifts I received when I was six years old, one thrilled and excited me the most—a small book with a red faux-leather cover inscribed with gold letters proclaiming “My Diary.” Its pages were gold edged, and a matching golden pencil nestled in a tiny elastic sleeve. Best of all, it had a lock and key to…
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Emotional Health

The Compass Rose: Living Incognito

By Ainslie Jones Uhl
One of the more surprising perks of our relocation from North Carolina to California has been the thrill of complete anonymity. I did not think I would ever see this as a benefit, but now that I have gotten past the loneliness, I luxuriate in obscurity. I can take my morning walk without putting on lip gloss or even combing…
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Midlife transforms, in large wars and small: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love James Tiptree, Jr.

By Chris Lombardi
– by Chris Lombardi It’s a voice I hardly remember not having heard: the writer in the edgy science-fiction anthologies, the voice cool as ice, the material borderline radical. Not a writer I much liked at first, but the stories stayed with me: “The Girl Who was Plugged In” (turned later into an episode of Paradox), whose plaintive cyborg “Delphi”…
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