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Understanding Financial Markets: From Fear to Fluency with Viv’s Vocabulary

By Elizabeth Hemmerdinger
By Elizabeth Hemmerdinger I don’t know about you, but I feel the need to follow this dreadful financial crisis almost perpetually.  Until a couple of weeks ago, I was an innocent, only occasionally scanning the headlines  and topic sentences of media coverage about business.  After all, I’m an Arts-Person, so I was drawn to the financial world pretty much only…
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Reading Our Way Through This Economic Disaster

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
by Patricia Yarberry Allen Americans are drowning in a sea of information about the financial calamities that roil our society.  We seem to be incapable of understanding that our Titanic, a ship of a country so large and so prosperous, could ever go down.  One of the reasons these events seem so incomprehensible to us is that many of us…
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Emotional Health

We’re Happy!! And Then We Hit Our Birthday; Women No Longer Happier Than Men; Boomer Woman’s Financial Checkup

By Womens Voices for Change
Survey Says….Warning! This week’s  USC survey  of relative happiness levels had good news and bad for midlife women. Women tend to be happier, even past 40. But just when we can see 50 coming, the streams cross and it’s men on top, reports CBS News’ Cynthia Bowers. The study, which analyzed data from 47,000 people, considered happiness levels of men…
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