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In Crisis, Campbell Brown, Katie Couric, Barbara Ehrenreich Speak Truth to Power

By Womens Voices for Change
A spoonful of sugar helps the hard truth come out? Recent weeks have seen surprising resurgences for women broadcasters most of us had dismissed for being confined to lifestyle stories. CNN’s Campbell Brown, 40, has recently grilled campaign spokespersons from both parties by sweetly refusing incomplete answers. Meanwhile, the much-slammed 51-year-old Katherine Anne Couric has, in the words of Radar…
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Great Advice for Hard Times

By Elizabeth Hemmerdinger
I want to share this short survival guide for a tanking economy.  It’s written by Sheenah Hankin, sometimes called “the shrink of last resort.”  Perhaps you’ve heard her on radio or TV, where she is always insightful and funny almost beyond measure. I wouldn’t try to explain Sheenah’s point of view, she’s done it herself a marvelous book called “Complete…
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