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Mothering Art: The Art of Mothering

By Evelyn Leya
 by Leya Evelyn With my breasts aching and full of milk, I left Tamar, my three-week old baby girl, with a sitter and attended the opening reception of the Washington Area Artists Exhibition at the Corcoran Museum of Art.  After leaving school, I lived in Washington for the first year of marriage.  This was a juried show, and I was…
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A Surprising Revelation At My Harvard Reunion

By Tamar Bihari
By Tamar Bihari Harvard is a beautiful campus.  The ivy may be gone – they removed it when I was an  undergraduate, as it was damaging the buildings – but the rest is all still there: the low-slung red brick buildings encircling the green swath of Harvard Yard, the white stone temple of Widener Library with its majestic columns and…
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