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Midlife transforms, in large wars and small: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love James Tiptree, Jr.

By Chris Lombardi
– by Chris Lombardi It’s a voice I hardly remember not having heard: the writer in the edgy science-fiction anthologies, the voice cool as ice, the material borderline radical. Not a writer I much liked at first, but the stories stayed with me: “The Girl Who was Plugged In” (turned later into an episode of Paradox), whose plaintive cyborg “Delphi”…
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Portfolio Magazine Takes on Sexism in Corporate World

By Womens Voices for Change
Fresh off their National Magazine Award nomination, Portfolio looks at women in the corporate world. Haven't things gotten better? Is sexism real and pervasive? Respected author Harriet Rubin writes: This has been the hardest assignment I have ever had. For more than a decade, I've covered gender and power in the business world. I've analyzed heroes and villains, sinners and…
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Race, Religion and Media Scrutiny: The Obama/Clinton Difference

By Gerber Robin
by Robin Gerber | bio My biggest frustration with Sen. Barack Obama’s minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is not with the reverend or Obama. It’s with the press. I first paid attention to Wright after an op-ed by Richard Cohen in the Washington Post on Jan. 15 revealed that Wright had made Louis Farrakhan the recipient of the "Trumpeter award"…
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