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Barbie: Christian Louboutin Puts His Foot In It

By Elizabeth Willse
Throughout her 50-year history, every bit of Barbie’s 11-inch-tall form has been the subject of scrutiny and debate. Originally introduced in 1959 as “a teen-age model,” her history has always been linked to the fashion world, and has become a tangled part of women’s girlhood memories and body images. (On Barbie’s actual 50th birthday in March, WVFC’s Laura Sillerman called…
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Roman Polanski, It’s Not the 1970′s Anymore. Thank God.

By Chris Lombardi
This week’s arrest of Roman Polanski felt weirdly unsurprising. It fit somehow with all the flashbacks to 1969 the media’s treated us to this year — as that TIME cover put it, “From the Moon to Charles Manson.” What will the 1970s reminiscences be like, one wondered? Maybe like this. But who really remembers 1977? And what does anyone really…
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