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The Message of Easter Is Mercy

By Rev. Elizabeth Zarelli Turner
By Rev. Elizabeth Zarelli Turner

Pope Francis delivered his first Sunday Angelus prayer and address from his papal apartment on Sunday, March 17. He said, "God never tires of forgiving us, but we sometimes tire of asking Him to forgive us . . . Let us never tire of asking God’s forgiveness.”

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For Yom Kippur, Another Reinvention

By Shelley Singer
The baby rabbi, a young man of 26 — fresh from seminary, the most junior of the four in our vast congregation — delivered the sermon on Rosh Hashanah morning. At first, he spoke of creation and destruction, judgment and mercy as the messages of the festival. This day, he said, we are created anew through an act of God’s…
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Race, Religion and Media Scrutiny: The Obama/Clinton Difference

By Gerber Robin
by Robin Gerber | bio My biggest frustration with Sen. Barack Obama’s minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is not with the reverend or Obama. It’s with the press. I first paid attention to Wright after an op-ed by Richard Cohen in the Washington Post on Jan. 15 revealed that Wright had made Louis Farrakhan the recipient of the "Trumpeter award"…
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