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A letter to Gourmet

By Mare Contrare
Thank you for your interest in Gourmet. We appreciate you contacting us, however, we are no longer accepting inquiries via this email address. For questions related to your Gourmet subscription, please call 1-800-365-2454. Gourmet Magazine’s first issue was in January, 1941.Now, after 68 years, the magazine is closing because of losses. The loss incurred by me and my daughter not…
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Katherine McNamara: “It’s about moving into the unoccupied spaces”

By Chris Lombardi
Katherine McNamara  started crashing people’s  expectations early –  peeling off to Paris in the middle of a Cornell history Ph.D. and learning she was a poet, striking out for Alaska just as the oil boom was ending;  founding one of the first prestigious literary magazines  published entirely on the Internet. And ever since we met last month at WVFC’s “The…
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