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Protecting Your Knees, From Core to Floor

By Eveline Erni
At Mount Sinai Hospital, here in New York City, I lectured last month to a group of orthopedists, physiatrists and physical therapists. Our topic of interest was the patella, and my specific lecture was how to protect the knee from undue stress. As a clinical director, I can tell you without looking at numbers or charts: Knees give people a…
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How I Learned to Love Getting Up in the Morning

By Womens Voices for Change
by Eveline Erni Okay, I shouldn’t say this, but if you’re under the age of 25, you probably don’t need to read this article. Somewhere between 25 and 35 years of age, the warranty is up, and reality steps in for a quick wake-up call (no pun intended). For the rest of us,  however…. Why do we feel stiff in…
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