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Lines: Thoughts on Faces by Matisse and Halsman

By Shelley Singer
by Shelley Singer Beauty is fleeting, or is it? What is beauty if not the splendid, centered gaze of Georgia O’Keeffe at 80?  She doesn’t need the photographer’s approval. She just is. The dewy mademoiselle in Matisse’s lithograph has it all ahead of her; she is merely pretty, a gay little collection of lines waiting to be filled in. I…
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Jessica Lange on the Other Side of the Camera

By Elizabeth Willse
By Elizabeth Willse Two years ago, Jessica Lange collected portrait photographs she had taken of her children, to be assembled into a book as a gift for her family.   The book's designer, Sam Shahid, asked to see more of her photographs. Looking through her black and white landscapes and photographs from her travels, Shahid told Lange: "You have a book…
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Tuesday NewsMix: Women Form Power Security Trio; Two Napolitanos at 51; Annie Leibovitz Takes Time; Joss Whedon Fights Womb Envy

By Rachel Rawlings
Women in the new administration protect the US: President-Elect Barack Obama formally announced his national security team on Monday, and women are poised to hold up half the nation. Secretary of State designee Hillary Clinton, United Nations Ambassador designee Dr. Susan Rice, and Homeland Security Secretary designee Janet Napolitano were three of the six appointments. Theirs will be the responsibility…
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