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Voices for Change and Protest Edition: Amanpour on Genocide; Yoko On John Lennon’s Memory; Northrop on 30 Years of ACTing UP; Jan Simpson on Liza Minnelli and Ourselves

By Elizabeth Willse
Scream Against Bloody Murder: Today marks the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on Genocide.   For most of the last year, Christine Amanpour, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent has been conducting interviews for her documentary “Scream Bloody Murder,” which premiered December 4, on CNN.  In the Washington Post’s Guest Voices on Faith, Amanpour writes that when she returned from…
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Essay – Election 2008 Is Boom or Bust

By Laura Baudo Sillerman
By Laura Baudo Sillerman At 61 years old I find myself wondering about my generation’s role in the current election and our lives’ legacy as well.  We were, many of us, student revolutionaries.  Some of us were called idealists, troublemakers, hippies, long-haired freaks and several less flattering monikers.  Still, most of us paddled straight from college into the mainstream.  My…
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