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Lines: Thoughts on Faces by Matisse and Halsman

By Shelley Singer
by Shelley Singer Beauty is fleeting, or is it? What is beauty if not the splendid, centered gaze of Georgia O’Keeffe at 80?  She doesn’t need the photographer’s approval. She just is. The dewy mademoiselle in Matisse’s lithograph has it all ahead of her; she is merely pretty, a gay little collection of lines waiting to be filled in. I…
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Mothering Art: The Art of Mothering

By Evelyn Leya
 by Leya Evelyn With my breasts aching and full of milk, I left Tamar, my three-week old baby girl, with a sitter and attended the opening reception of the Washington Area Artists Exhibition at the Corcoran Museum of Art.  After leaving school, I lived in Washington for the first year of marriage.  This was a juried show, and I was…
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Drawing My Face Every Day, My Whole Self Emerged

By Julia L. Kay
by Julia Kay For most of the 90s and early 2000s I lived in large live-work warehouses and made mural-sized paintings. My Oakland, California living spaces were hard to heat, hard to cool, and hard to keep clean, but I was clearly living the life of an artist. The paintings were hard to sell, hard to move, and hard to…
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