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Thanksgiving Subterranean Table Top Blues

By Mare Contrare
Apparently, everyone is stressed out because of Thanksgiving, and for good reasons. Family members awaken the week before with nightmares about being criticized for the umpteenth time about their choice of career. Vegans are cajoled into just having a bite of turkey—“It won’t kill you for goodness sake!” your Grandmother insists—and children are outcast to their own table, creating eternal…
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Thankful for My Aunts

By Elizabeth Willse
My mom is one of six sisters. Every Thanksgiving, my mother’s family gathers at Aunt Ruthanne and Uncle Ron’s house in Connecticut. The table stretches from the dining room into the living room, with a joyous crowd of parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends. “We don’t say grace,” my late Uncle Howie once quipped. “We do The Wave.” I…
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