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Molly Fisk: Pick a Word for the Year

By Molly Fisk
Choosing a word gives you something to explore, to look forward to and pay attention to as the weeks roll by. You're in a relationship with it that will unfold, as opposed to a resolution, which is more of a chore to be done: it's a finite idea with no room for movement, it chides you.
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Look Deeper, and Your Resolutions May Stick This Time

By Jennifer Cheyne
We have underlying beliefs about what it means to be organized (cold), or to skip dessert (deprivation), or to take action immediately (fear), Marilyn Paul, Ph.D., points out in her book "It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys." There is an internal state we fight against—an unease—when we try to change our lives. Instead of sitting with the discomfort and trying to face it, we surrender (quit) and call ourselves failures. . . .
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Staying Motivated to Stay Healthy

By Women's Voices For Change
As the icy wind howls (for many of us) and we all get back into our weekly routines, it can be hard to believe the resolutions we made in the glitter and shine of New Year’s Eve: making time for the gym, packing a healthy lunch, remembering to breathe. To help you stay motivated for healthy changes, here’s some WVFC…
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New Year, New Diet, a New Commitment

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
This week, as the world knows, Oprah Winfrey famously begins her journey back to a healthy weight. As Jo Levy writes for Examiner.com: It is something to think about when a billionaire with chefs and personal trainers has a hard time saying no to food how the average person without those resources can. Thus the struggle for so many to…
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