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Fashion & Beauty

Fat Chance: What If An Overweight Woman Ran For Office?

By Roz Warren and Janet Golden
By Janet Golden and Roz Warren

Can you imagine what would happen if a woman as heavy as Chris Christie ran for President? Press coverage about her size would be nonstop. Her eating and exercise habits would be critiqued. The media would scream every time she was photographed with a donut in her hand.

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Money & Careers

Woot for new Yahoo! CEO; Bullying a threat to old-girl network; UNICEF chief seeks to reduce maternal childbirth deaths; Pelosi gets puckish on YouTube

By Agnes Krup
Cut ‘er some slack: Your opinion may vary, but Mixer gets a happy little tingle when a woman in the spotlight cuts loose with a little coarse language. Tuesday, in her first public statement since becoming CEO of Yahoo!, Carol Bartz told reporters and financial analysts “Let’s give this company some frigging breathing room. Everybody on the outside deciding what…
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News Brief;Gwen Ifill Moderates the Debates; Pelosi Explains It All For You

By Womens Voices for Change
Gwen, we love you – and we want more of you! Now that the moderators for the 2008 Presidential debates have been chosen, including 53-year-old Gwen Ifill, Maggie at Second Innocence discusses the reasons why, unlike in earlier eras, only one of the moderators is female: Part of the change may be due to the fact that from 1988 on,…
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