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Final Day, Interview with Ginnah Howard

By Women's Voices For Change
Las t month, we saluted Ginnah Howard when her novel Night Navigation was featured in the New York Times Book Review. Now, we have the opportunity to salute Ms. Howard again — and to thank her  for responding in such length to questions about her novel and herself. We’ve been sharing that conversation over four days. In today’s final installment,…
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For This Mom’s Summer, the Stars Moved

By Phyllis Fanzo Lombardi
My son comes home tomorrow from his summer holiday — one that has already made this a very different kind of summer. Summer can mean so many things: a new wardrobe, a new job, a new semester, vacations, camp, slower schedules. For most, it’s the end to the school year. Kids are happy. Parents? Well, a mixed swirl of emotion,…
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