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MTA’s Helena Williams Moves Eight Million a Day and Still Cooks Sunday Pasta

By Diane Vacca
Very little media fanfare greeted the May appointment of Helena Williams as interim CEO of New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, which moves millions of people a day on dozens of interlocking transit systems. At WVFC, though, we knew there had to be something special about a 53-year-old woman who just adds such a gig to her then-current job running the…
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My Breasts Are Not Boobs, Thank You Very Much!

By Billie Brown
I do not, do not, understand the unfortunate predisposition of the American public to refer slangily to the mammary glands of the female as “boobs.” So I looked up the word “boob” in a few online dictionaries just now. Here is a sampling of the definitions: stupid or foolish person dolt boor Philistine simpleton. Now, I ask you: Are these…
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Emotional Health

How I stopped hating Mother’s Day

By Phyllis Fanzo Lombardi
I have to tell you a secret. For a very long time, I personally was not a fan of Mother’s Day. It’s perhaps sad, but true. Losing my mom at 14 has made the last 30 Mother’s Days a little empty for me. My mom was powerful and smart, and she gave such unconditional, unbridled love—it’s no wonder the void…
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Emotional Health

News Brief:”Sex” Author on Love and Real Estate; Two Discoveries for Aging Eyes; Advice from Gen-Y On Ending Daughters’ “Adultolescence”

By Chris Lombardi
The truth is out: not ‘Sex’ but real estate. As “Sex in the City” author Candace Bushnell explained to the Times of London this week, her new novel delves into what power really means when you face reality: A few misconceptions about Candace Bushnell: that she is flip, wisecracking, trivial, a high-maintenance materialist princess. Actually she is rather intense and…
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