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Fashion & Beauty

Parsing the Language of That Perfect Black Dress

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
By Patricia Yarberry Allen Parsing the language of a New York invitation is not always easy.  I like basic Black Tie.  It means that the men are an attractive backdrop for beautifully dressed women who can choose to wear a serious short dress or a long evening gown.  Even this safe “Black Tie” requires some thought.  If it is opening…
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Arts & Culture

Financial Markets in Turmoil: Culture Marches On

By Faith Childs
Despite the financial meltdown of the past week, the ensuing bankruptcy of major brokerage houses, the government bailout of threatened financial behemoths, and continuing chaos in the capital markets while the government decides what solution to the problem will work best, there is so much to savor, and ample reason not to despair. Mind you, I’m not having a “Let…
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