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News Brief: Response to Palin Runs the Gamut; Accepting Buyout, Atlanta Journo Reflects on Growing Up With Paper

By Womens Voices for Change
Palin Reaction Roundup: All weekend, women of every political stripe were checking in about Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor who is also John McCain’s chosen running mate. All agreed that Palin was tapped at least part because of her possible appeal to former supporters of the Hillary Clinton candidacy. Not surprisingly, conservative commentators like Laura Ingraham, above, were most supportive.…
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We All Could Be Elizabeth Edwards

By Chris Lombardi
Good for Hofstra University for telling the Associated Press yesterday that they still expect Elizabeth Edwards to speak there next month, as a start to the school’s fall lecture series. Even if she does have to bring the husband who famously admitted last week on Nightline that after her cancer went into remission, he got involved with a New Age…
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