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Today’s Talk Topic: Why Medical Mondays?

By Women's Voices For Change
Here at WVFC we have a long tradition of Medical Mondays, posts overseen by Dr. Pat Allen on the entire range of medical issues, concerns, and best practices. It turns out we have been even wiser than we thought in our scheduling.
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Ask Dr. Pat

On Mammograms and Their Value: A Breast Surgeon Weighs In

By Dr. Elisa Rush Port
When it comes to recommending yearly mammograms and affirming that mammograms save lives, let’s stop getting hung up on technicalities. Let’s stop re-crunching the numbers until they give us a different answer, and accept what the data demonstrates: From age 40—not age 50—yearly mammograms save lives.
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General Medical · Health

A Concussionary Tale

By Shelley Singer
On the bus, a powerful sense of being out of whack in my head suddenly overtook me. It was as if the plates in my skull had slipped several notches—like the feeling telegraphed when a cartoon character gets slammed on the head by a two-by-four, and you see squiggles and exclamation points and pound signs revolving in the air above him. The balloon would have read, “Boing!”
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